Give a sweet, get a tweet!


TweetSweets is in no small part inspired by Labby’s twitter-enabled candy machine

Hell, it even uses the same dispenser! Shameless.

I’ve also cobbled together bits of code from other sources, including:

Funny thing is that this project didn’t start out involving sweets at all. Originally, I had planned to use NFC cards to allow people to quickly tap in, have a picture taken and then manipulate that image once it was on the server.

Somewhere along the line I must have gotten hungry!


The Experience

Put the code above together and this is the flow you get:

  1. User1 sends a tweet with #givejacksweets
  2. Processing searches for the hashtag, sends a tweet thanking them and passes ‘sweets’ to Arduino
  3. Arduino activates sweet dispenser for 0.5 seconds
  4. Photoresistor detects when User2 collects them, and passes to Processing
  5. Processing takes a photo of User2 and tweets this to the User1
  6. User1 and User2 both smile 🙂

The Tweets


In action

A bit of fun, and more Arduino/Processing lessons learnt.

Technically, I don’t doubt that this would appear far more streamlined using a Raspberry Pi but I don’t have one! 🙂

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