that guy

I have worked with creative and production agencies for two decades, developing digital innovation, Thought Leadership & PR, whilst managing development teams and delivering award winning work for some of the top names in the industry. Key to all of these is a desire to create experiences, to involve the user in a story.

As a company founder (Gunforhire Studios) I raised capital for sponsorship & acquisition projects, managing and directing their lifecycle from pitch to delivery.

My practical background includes many years as a Creative Developer & Technologist, encompassing a combination of front, backend and emerging technologies (VR, AI, IoT), tempered with an appreciation of the aesthetic and User Experience required to make a project shine, blurring the boundaries between creative and technical roles.

I speak at conferences and events on a variety of emerging technologies, as well as contributing to The Guardian, The Independent, Digital Marketing Magazine and Management Today on IoT, VR, AR, Chatbots & AI/Machine Learning.

I am currently Technology Director (Automotive) at Imagination but if you would like to know more about my employment history, you can find me on LinkedIn