Cisco ‘Rain Wall’

We’re forecasting one billion positive impacts by 2025.Cisco technology positively impacts three lives a second. Drop in and find out how we’re pooling our resources to accelerate global problem solving to make the impossible, possible. Step into our pool of positive impact and discover the power of connection at Cisco Live 2020.In the centre of […]

Cisco Live 2020: The Grid

THE GRIDKEEPING ON. ALWAYS ON.Welcome to ‘The Grid’.An interactive, large-scale strategy puzzle. Once inside, teams must work together to discover the correct combination for illuminating (and therefore unifying) the entire light grid. “Welcome to The Grid. An experience inspired by a real-life Cisco technology story.Cisco works with Turku Energia in Finland to ensure that its […]

Cisco Live 2020: Autonomous Maze

Left. Right. Up. Down. Backwards. Forwards.This amazing journey will test your sense of direction and challenge your strategic reasoning.Two teams of three players must each control a vehicle in a race through the ‘Autonomous Maze’. The AI Connected Autonomous Vehicles will of course make their own way, and act as a guide.But do your team […]

IBM Dream Store

An interactive installation for the NRF 2020 Vision Show in New York City. The goal of the experience was to enable SMEs to understand how IBM can help them. Ceramic RFID-enabled objects located on shelves in the installation initiated the journey by being placed on the reader. These components came together to engage the user […]

Retail AR – Jaguar Land Rover

“We gave retailers a way to introduce their clients to shiny new – virtual – models that are not yet available in showrooms” While normal car retailers have to wait to show their customers brand-new car models that haven’t been released yet, we made it possible for Jaguar Land Rover to do just that by […]