iBeacons and WayFinding

So, I managed to get my hands on the Estimote development kit this week, and very exciting it is too.¬†iBeacon is one of the lesser known additions that made it’s way into Apples iOS 7 release.

Basically, Estimote Beacons are small, beautifully designed sensors that could be placed anywhere in the physical world. Once installed, e.g. next to an entry door or on product shelves, they start broadcasting tiny radio signals.

These signals can be picked up by consumers’ smartphones, at which point the compatible app triggers different actions, such as welcoming consumers to the store, displaying coupons or helping to navigate the store layout very precisely.

Apologies to my work colleagues who have watched me, seemingly, wander aimlessly around the studio, eyes glued to my iPad waiting for media to be triggered by these funny looking rocks.


The great thing about Estimote is not just their SDK on GitHub but the fact that their Virtual Beacon App allows any iOS device to become a Beacon (for development).

2 thoughts on “iBeacons and WayFinding

  1. Hi there Martin,

    This is Wojtek Borowicz, I’m a community evangelist at Estimote. Super glad to see you like the Beacons! Are you working on something particular? If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line: wojtek [at] estimote. Happy tinkering!


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